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Sanford T. Colb & Co. is a full-service intellectual property and technology firm, providing comprehensive and conscientious management of all aspects of intellectual property and technology to its innovative community of Israeli and international clients.


Tel Aviv

Beit Amot Mishpat
8 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard
Tel Aviv 6473307, Israel



4 Shaar Hagai
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What’s new

New Civil Procedure Regulations in Israel.

On January 1, 2021 new Civil Procedure Regulations (hereinafter the “Regulations”) went into effect in Israel. These Regulations apply to all civil lawsuits in all courts in Israel. Below please note four significant issues relating to the Regulations which will have a bearing on future lawsuits: 1. Court Documents, such as Statements of Claim, Statements of Defense and petitions, will be required to comply with very strict limitations on the number of pages and format. 2. In most cases, oral hearings and summations will be preferred over submission of written affidavits and summations. 3. Greater emphasis will be placed on preliminary proceedings in an attempt to resolve litigation at an earlier stage and in order to ensure that the scope of cases that proceed before the Court is very clearly defined. 4. The parties to a lawsuit will be required to meet, in person or via teleconference, before the first Court hearing, in an attempt to clearly define their dispute. Following the meeting, the parties will be required to report on the outcome of their meeting to the Court. We do not expect that the overall costs of lawsuits will be affected by the new Regulations. However we anticipate that more costs will be incurred in earlier stages of a lawsuit than previously.

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